Monday, August 2, 2010

The Taj Mahal and the Raj Mahal

Today we visited the beautiful and larger than life Taj Mahal. This 7
wonder of the world does not disappoint. It's perfect symmetry and
size make it an architectural marvel. It's possible to be the worst
photographer in the world and still snap a good shot. We really
enjoyed running around and having a 2 hour photo sesh! Caroline and I
also met the cutest kids trying to hustle us there merchandise, but
then we became friends. The 10 year old proposed to me. I don't think
he minded the 18 year age difference. ;) So cute!


It took 22 years to build one of the most pristine edifices on this
earth. Seeing this wonder is a life changing experience. Once spotted
one cannot look away from the Taj for a few minutes until they have
taken in the full view. Learning about the Taj was fascinating
for me because the love that the emperor had for his wife is a love I
hope to have for my own husband one day. The perfect symmetry around
the whole building is incredible he wanted the building to be perfect
for his wife. He accomplished this and it led to millions coming to
view this edifice from all over the world. Everyone wants to come and
see and feel the love that he had for his wife.

My experience at the Taj today was amazing. I was able to walk around
and learn about the history and share moments with friends that we
will cherish for the rest of our lives. The pictures were incredible
the moments awesome. Everyone needs to make a trek to India and see
this special place in Agra.

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