Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Sad Face...

I have a huge sad face on today because one of my very first friends in NYC and one of my very best is moving to TX.

Who will I tell secrets too?....

Who will I sing Karaoke with?....
Who will I eat Sunday dinners with?....
Good friends are such a treasure in a persons life. Thanks Sami for making my New York a little bit more fun!
Miss you already girl! Best of luck in TEXAS!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Club....ahem, you mean Literary Society!!!!

The Help [Book]
Obsessed with this book!!! Please Please go out and buy it and read it! I promise you will thank me! One of my favortie book club choices to date!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If Virginia is for Lovers, then Oregon is for Hippies!

I just went on a recent long weekend trip to Oregon for my cute friends wedding. John and Krista Malfatto got married in Portland. This was my very first trip ever to the beautiful green state, and I must say I loved it all! Well....almost all. As beautiful and lush and green as it was, the people and I just didn't see eye to eye.

First off, I flew in and my cute friend Natalie and her husband came and picked me up from the airport, it was raining buckets of course. We drove all the way down to Corvallis where most of the festivities were taking place. Cute town where OSU is. Go Beavers! We spent the next day out at Newport, a quaint beach town. The coast is just fabulous in OR...think lighthouses, think Goonies(remember the abandoned restaurant scenes with the Fratellie's). In Oregon there are forrests of pine trees, moss grows on everything, and the air just goes into your lungs better, and smoother than other parts of our great country. Namely New York City, where I run outside and breath in the fine fumes of pollution :)
Anyway, long story short, (as if that is ever the case with me), the last day of my fun filled trip was spent in Portland with 3 other cute girls who came out for the wedding. Mel, Nici, and Lindsay. I was flying out on the red eye that night and wanted to be comfy. So my comfy clothes consisted of black leggings, black shirt, black scarf, black wool coat, and to top it all off giant obnoxious Prada sunglasses in guess what color?!?! You got it! Black!! Ok, so my whole persona is screaming NYC, I get it, I DON'T fit in! Portland is filled with earth tones, Birkenstock's, ti-dye, crunchy granola types who walk around in hiking/workout gear year round. People, don't get me wrong, I dig it, in fact I LOVE it! And I KNOW that I am sterotyping in a big way. But I did not feel welcomed into the Portland fold! In fact, I got a couple of rude comments thrown my way. Case in point..."We got a movie star on our hands!" And a few snide comments under peoples breath. Ha ha, I laughed it off. But that was when I realized Portland is for hippies! And NYC is for girls who love wearing all black!
The End!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Very First blog post!!!!

Blog's are funny little things. For the longest time I didn't understand them. Didn't care to read them. And for sure wouldn't spend the time to make one for myself. I don't want to seem too self indulging or annoying. That is why this blog is not going to be the online journal/diary I never had...not that that is a bad thing. In fact I enjoy reading other peoples personal blogs. Mine will be about the things that make me happy in life. Well, I guess then it ends up turning into something a bit personal in the end. The things I love most in life are the people that surround me. Family, friends, church, ect. So, as much as I want this to be about everything but myself, myself just might sneak its way in.
First of all, I want to give a big shout out to my dear friend Aly Passmore, she is the one who made my blog page so cute! I am visual, but not technical. Luckily she is both! She came out to NYC for the month of March and I had the best time. Some friends grab at your heart, she is one that will always grab at mine.
Now, let the blogging begin!!!! I hope you enjoy my funny NYC moments, my travel adventures, my incessantly annoying comments and opinions about hair, my newest book club read, ect...