Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Club....ahem, I mean Literary Society!!!!

Last months book was very good, and very very deep, and intense. I loved it though! Please read Little Bee. It will open your eyes to new thoughts and feelings and deep emotions. I am known as a bit of a crier, and I cried a good few times while reading this. Once twice on an airplane while trying to hide the tears from fellow passengers. Oh well, a good book brings out my emotions. I highly recommend this book. Enjoy your reading, and let me know what ya think!

Little Bee [Book]

Magical Peru

I must admit, I am a little bit obsessed with South America! After visiting Peru I would love to explore Brazil, Chile, Argentina, ect...
I fell in love with the scenery, the people, and the culture. of course, it also helped that our money is still worth a lot there, and the trip was very affordable. Here are some of my favorite pictures and moments from a land just 7hrs (on a plane of course) south of here.

A little market we stopped at on the tour of the Sacred Valley. Who wouldn't love a tiger blanket?!?!
The children were so adorable here. Children everywhere are so sweet, but I really loved seeing the children in Peru dressed in the traditional way.
This stuff is pure sugar and tastes like a mix of cream soda and cotton candy and bubble gum all wrapped into one. Everyone else loved it. Needless to say I only ordered it once.
Joe made friends with this kid in Cusco who was trying to hustle some of his merchandise on us. He ended up being way cool. We hung out with him and watched fireworks that night.
I loved the old colonial architecture around Cusco.
Saqsaywaman!!! Or Sexy Woman!!!!
Hmmmmmm, what is the oppsite of Sexy Woman?!?!? ME getting ready to start the Inka Trail, me on the Inka trail, me after not showering for 4 days at Machu Picchu! Ding ding ding!!! It's what happens when you are a tough nature girl like me. (hahaha)
We don't mind getting a little gritty every once in a while.

Us on the inka trail with our guide Alex!

Dinner time in the food tent!

Our fabulous crew of porters and cook! WE heart these guys!!!
Magical!!! You really can't explain this until you have experienced it! The Andes mountain range was one of the most beautiful I have ever been in. I just love this photo and the way you can see the rays of light coming down.

The very top of Wynupicchu mountain. So glad we did the extra hike to get the best view point of Machu Picchu. I am sitting at the very top!!! Taaadaaaa!

I can't wait till the next adventure! For those of you who don't already know, I am going to take the biggest trip I have ever been on! 5 weeks in south east Asia!!! India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong! I am meeting some friends over there and we are going to have an adventure of a life time! Can't wait.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Less is More!!!!

A few weeks ago my good friend Jon Cannon sent me this Asian commercial in an email. He recently moved to Hong Kong and saw this at a movie. He told me to watch until the very end. I started watching and laughed. It reminded me of my trip to Japan a few years back. As I watched further I realized this is a perfect little Asian shout out to my blog! In which case Less really is more, because I am so horrible at posting. :) Thanks Jon for seeing this and thinking of my cute pathetic little blog!
Then, two days later I got July's addition of Lucky magazine in the mail. The editors letter for this month was titled Less is More! I tried to find a link to post it, but apparently you can't get it online. So go out and get the mag and read it!
I guess the point of this little post is that I am liking the play on words, and all the little areas I am finding different meanings for Les or Less is More!

Catch Up Time!

I am so far behind and have so many posts rolling around in my head. I re-decorated my apartment, I went to Peru, my little sis just graduated from high school...ect.
I will expand on each of these later of course. But here is a little sneak peak at things to come.

And of course since I am not technically savvy I just uploaded all the pictures backwards. So Chels is first followed by Peru and then the apartment. Someday I will get a handle on this!

Chels!!!! I can't believe 10 YEARS after me it was your turn! 2000 seems like yesterday, but I guess it wasn't. It goes by quick girly! Enjoy!
And P.s. thanks for Carlsbad's colors being purple and gold, went perfect with the Lakers WIN!!!! Woot Woot!

Starting the Inka trail! Lot's of fun hiking 4 days through the Andes to get to Paradise.
I just love to dance it up while touring around foreign countries!
Joe and I would randomly start singing songs all the time....well, I guess all of us were. Then a random dance party would break out! People were probably rolling their eyes at the crazy American's. Oh well, at least we know how to have fun without ipods ect.

New 47 inch flat screen! New mirrors from Crate and Barrel. This place is looking cute!