Monday, August 23, 2010

Hong Kong is the Bomb!!!

I haven't been a good blogger lately. I was good in the beginning, but 5 weeks of travel and spotty WiFi connections make it a bit hard. Plus, who really reads this. :)
So, here is the deal. 5 weeks 5 countries and more memories and stories than I know what to do with. Never in my life have I embarked on such a journey. Never in my life did I think I would hold up so well. I finally reached my breaking point last week on week 4 in Vietnam. Long day of traveling with no AC and and everything going wrong makes you snap. Sorry Caroline! After a great but long week in Nam we headed to Hong Kong to visit our friend Jon on the last leg of our trip. We have had an absolute blast. There is such a difference from staying in a different hotel every night to just chillin with a good friend in there apartment. Jon me and Liney have stayed up way too late every night, laughed so hard tears have literally poured out of our eyes. We have beached it up, toured it up, lazed around and have been ending this trip in style. Thanks Jon for saving our sanity at the end. Here are a few pics of fun times...
Thanks Asia! I will miss you and all of fun I have had. On Thursday I am back to reality....


  1. R u kidding! I've been following your blog so I can find out what my world traveling sister has been up too. Thanks for keeping us posted and posting pics. It's amazing and to think that it was all created for us to enjoy. Can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

  2. Me too! Now hurry back cause I miss you! Well, I guess just talking on the phone to you, but still. Glad y'all have had such a blast. Xoxo

  3. hellooooo I've been waiting for posts so that I could make my said promised comments!!! :) I'm glad you guys are still having fun! AND I think we could be real friends out of India ;)

  4. I read it so keep posting!! Looks like you had such a fun trip. Let's chat very soon. Miss ya!