Friday, August 6, 2010

A day with Adam Chew

Adam was our tour guide all day Friday. He was a great man who loved
Australia more than Penang. The first thing Adam told the three of us
when we got in his car was that the Islams controlled Malaysia and
that he loved Australia. We were all confused at why he was a tour
guide and then he informed us he was just a driver who did not have a
program planned for us today. So what did we do?! We laughed and he
continued to drive. His first stop was at two Buddah temples which
were actually quite interesting. The first one was the largest
reclining Buddha in the world. Next stop was Penang hill but don't get
to excited the train up the mountain was broken so we took a jeep up
the steep mountain. The view from the top was spectaular. All in all
Adam turned out to be a great guide with his over zealous personality
and his endless tastings of local food that he offered us.

Yes, I must agree with Caroline. Adam was not the greatest guide in
the world. In fact Adam new relatively nothing about his own country
or city. Yesterday started off with me waking up completely sick. Soar
throat and a bad cold are not fun ways to spend your vaca! Not only
that, but I have planned this whole second half of the trip. Which
puts an added pressure to make sure things go the way I had
invisioned. Both of these factors added together made me a bit of a
big B-word yesterday. And upon meeting Adam our 'driver' I was
probably not the most pleasent person to be around. But as the day
proceeded and as we saw beautiful Penang and ate some amazing food my
attitude changed and I put a big smile on my face.
Thank you Adam Chew!

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  1. what happened to this posting every day business?? I'm dying to know how your wild Thai adventures are going! I hope you're feeling on up swing & smashing the fun meter! whit