Friday, September 9, 2011

The Kindle Club

Can I call it Book Club when it's not really a book I hold in my hands anymore? It's a Kindle. I was anti electronic reading at first. Believe me, I'm old school. But after a lot of my savvy friends in my NYC Book Club started switching over, and countless other people like my mom, who I never thought would go from page to screen, claimed they LOVED it! I bit the bullet and purchased. And I can say I do NOT regret! I am always asking clients for book suggestions and now I can just download them and I now have a growing stock pile of books to read on the Kindle. Of course I still enjoy turning pages and having books on my shelf, this practice will never stop, but for convenience I say get a Kindle!
The newest book I couldn't put down was Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. World War ll story of the French occupation. I think it might be a movie too!


  1. Your posts are teasing me. I think you should make a habit of them. xo, tink (remember when you were obsessed with her?!)!

  2. Yes! I am going to make a reg habit of this for sure! I am loving blogging again.
    I still love Tink, but Disney is going a bit overboard with her these days...