Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Hair Trends

This week my adorable boyfriend sent me a facebook link with Allure magazines top 10 fall hair trends. I love how he see's something like this and randomly thinks of me and sends it! What a guy. I decided to make my own favorites! Braids~ I am obsessed with braids! All kinds, fishtail, over the head, loose in the back, off to the side, around the head. You name it, its in style this fall.
Half Up Half Down~ If you do it go big! I am talking 1960s Bridget Bardot. Sexy volume is always a classic and this fall I predict this as a style must.
The Deep Side Part~ This trend is something that is fun to do for a little more drama. I am constantly cutting my bangs and growing them out. This means I'm always playing with a middle part or side. Side parts are the most flattering for most face shapes in my opinion. To add more drama this fall follow the trend and make it deep.
Here is to some fabulous fall hair thanks to an inspiring little link to my facebook profile! Thanks T!

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