Friday, October 8, 2010


This is a little tribute to a state I love! I am coming in about 2 weeks. Everyone knows that this current New Yorker is really a CA girl always and forever, but we can't forget about the 3 years of my life I spent in UT. This is were it all began. At age 18 I ventured far from home with one of my best friends. We grew to become like sisters over these growing up years in UT. We enjoyed the mountains, we made new friends, and had so many many adventures.We got our first apartment, first out of high school crushes and heartbreaks. I learned my trade and did haircuts in the kitchen. We learned how to drive in the snow, I learned how to snowboard. We laughed and cried and loved. I usually come back to these mountains every year hang with my girl, mountain bike hike and swim. Now I am coming back to celebrate this best friends wedding! Here are some photos to the state that will always hold a special place to me...

Me and Aly at the 4th of July fireworks in P-town. giggling as usual :)

I am also excited to see this girl! My cute little sis. Who 10 yrs later is living it up in good ol Utah!

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