Monday, September 20, 2010


Some people are just fabulous bloggers. These are the people who inspired me to create my own blog. I would like to pay tribute to just a few I have been spying on lately.
First is my cute friend Aly. She is getting married soon and I love spying her blog!

I also my friend Brigham's blog is always up to date and entertaining. He and I love to eat! And we are especially snobbish about the best places to eat in NY. If we don't mind saying so ourselves, the best places are all downtown. Unfortunately he made the long haul move uptown, but will always be a true downtowner at heart. We have been on a few eating adventures lately that he has blogged about. Please read....

I also love this one too....
This is not a friend, though, I wish I was! This has been a fun and inspiring blog for me in fashion. I love the things I see on the streets of NY everyday and this blog really captures it all.

Enjoy all the little blogs that I enjoy.

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