Friday, June 18, 2010

Less is More!!!!

A few weeks ago my good friend Jon Cannon sent me this Asian commercial in an email. He recently moved to Hong Kong and saw this at a movie. He told me to watch until the very end. I started watching and laughed. It reminded me of my trip to Japan a few years back. As I watched further I realized this is a perfect little Asian shout out to my blog! In which case Less really is more, because I am so horrible at posting. :) Thanks Jon for seeing this and thinking of my cute pathetic little blog!
Then, two days later I got July's addition of Lucky magazine in the mail. The editors letter for this month was titled Less is More! I tried to find a link to post it, but apparently you can't get it online. So go out and get the mag and read it!
I guess the point of this little post is that I am liking the play on words, and all the little areas I am finding different meanings for Les or Less is More!

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