Friday, June 18, 2010

Catch Up Time!

I am so far behind and have so many posts rolling around in my head. I re-decorated my apartment, I went to Peru, my little sis just graduated from high school...ect.
I will expand on each of these later of course. But here is a little sneak peak at things to come.

And of course since I am not technically savvy I just uploaded all the pictures backwards. So Chels is first followed by Peru and then the apartment. Someday I will get a handle on this!

Chels!!!! I can't believe 10 YEARS after me it was your turn! 2000 seems like yesterday, but I guess it wasn't. It goes by quick girly! Enjoy!
And P.s. thanks for Carlsbad's colors being purple and gold, went perfect with the Lakers WIN!!!! Woot Woot!

Starting the Inka trail! Lot's of fun hiking 4 days through the Andes to get to Paradise.
I just love to dance it up while touring around foreign countries!
Joe and I would randomly start singing songs all the time....well, I guess all of us were. Then a random dance party would break out! People were probably rolling their eyes at the crazy American's. Oh well, at least we know how to have fun without ipods ect.

New 47 inch flat screen! New mirrors from Crate and Barrel. This place is looking cute!

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