Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last night I went and saw Hunger Games with my mom, we decided at the last minute to invite the men in our lives. We all LOVED it! I have posted about Hunger Games before back when I read the entire series in a matter of a few weeks. Loved the books and I love the movie. They did such a fantastic job with the cast and stuck close to the book. I was also so happy to hear how much Tyler and my dad enjoyed the movie as well, even though they have never read the books. Now I am trying to convince Tyler to read them. He seems game for it. The story is definitely not gender specific. So if you haven't read it, READ it! Then go see the movie.
And tonight is FINALLY the season premier of Mad Men! I am so excited to see the fashion, the hair, and let's be honest, DON DRAPER!

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